The 5 Most Fantastic Technical Advances Coming in Our Future of Abundance

2) Algae: Ethanol is the biofuel of choice in the United States and it should be considered an inefficient, over-priced failure that has driven up food costs and is being kept alive mainly because of politics. Algae, on the other hand, is an extraordinary biofuel on the horizon that's so great that even Barack Obama's endorsement won't ruin it. That's why Exxon, Shell, Boeing, Procter and Gamble, and Chevron are experimenting with algae. It can produce thirty times more energy than conventional biofuel and because it can be grown efficiently we could make enough of it to fuel all of America's 250 million cars in an area about 17% the size of Nevada. Imagine being able to tell Saudi Arabia, Iran, Venezuela, Russia and the rest of the world's spoiled oil brats that they can take a permanent hike because we've replaced them with pond scum.