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Forget Gold, Buy Twinkies and Bullets

Why Not Gold?

The price of gold is already sky high because of all the people who got there before you did, so you’re not going to get a good deal on gold today. Let's just assume for a moment that the government isn't going to seize it anyway by taxing it into their pockets... okay, that's too unrealistic. Forget that.

You say you've hidden away coins? Well, that will protect you from our government's insatiable thirst for its citizens' stuff, but how will you use that gold to feed your family in the worst-case scenario? Those gold bullion coins bought for a premium from Home Shopping Network and kept in your bedroom safe are not going to buy you a carton of eggs. They're more likely to get you a vacant stare from the egg farmer as he wonders what he's supposed to do with a gold coin, or a visit from your neighborhood gang because now you’re known as the “guy with gold.” Congratulations. You have no eggs and no gold either.

Other Goods that Won’t Work

Alcohol – Too easy to manufacture.

Coffee - Too perishable.

Bottled Water – Too much of a luxury item and then there’s that whole boiling thing that makes sanitizing your water easy. Also it’s heavy.

Why Twinkies? Click to the next page to find out!