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Prometheus and God

I did wish the picture could have gone just a little deeper. It didn't need any more dialogue or exposition, just something a little more concise. Shaw justifies her faith by repeating her father's phrase — something like, "This is what I choose to believe," as if theism were based on a sort of feel-good whim. Surely as thoughtful an artist as Ridley Scott can come up with something a little deeper than that. I'm not expecting the action to stop for a theological disquisition but look, while both faith and atheism require a leap of faith at the end, both are based on a series of reasoned steps. In faith, trust in the moral instincts of humanity leads us to conclude we were created purposely for love in the image of transcendent love. In atheism, you get a job as a mainstream journalist and conclude no one could possibly be smarter than you...  or something. It's all too deep for me.

Anyway, it was nice to go to a big, gooey summer picture and have something to marvel at other than the SFX. I've seen two of the summer's big pictures so far — this and The Avengers — and both engaged with issues and expressed points of view normally repellent to the shallow leftists who've dominated the entertainment industry far too long.

Is this a good sign for our culture? I would say yes, for sure. And more to come.

Cross-posted from Klavan on the Culture.