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Prometheus Lands, Asks the Age-Old Question: 'Who's Your Daddy?'

As for the big question at the heart of Prometheus -- Who's our daddy? -- the film doesn't really answer that either. It asks the question more than once, but leaves the answer to some future telling. You may think you know the answer if you have seen the trailer, but you don't. At least, not really. You will know who's the daddy of the aliens that Sigourney Weaver and company will encounter years later, though. The creature at the beginning of the film doesn't even really know who his daddy is, or what results from his end. But the interplay between advanced and primitive, creature, creator and android and beginning and end plays a fascinating note throughout the film. The nods to Lawrence of Arabia flitting around the android character anchor Prometheus in real history in a strange sort of way.

Ask me if I liked Prometheus, I'm at a loss to say yes or no. I think I did. It's definitely worth seeing. It is enthralling, and it is full of action, and yet it is very elusive. I do like open ends in films, particularly futurist films. In some important ways Prometheus is an example of the best science fiction, with homages and questions about the past and a quizzical view of the future as it asks questions it is content not to answer straight away. It will fuel dorm room debates for years to come, with everyone around the Doritos bag asking themselves "What did I just see?" Or maybe Ridley Scott will give us the answers in another visit to the Alien space.