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7 Reasons Why The Right Should Not Seek to Convert The Left

5. Evil Is Something That Cannot Be Explained to Those Who Do Not Know What It Is. It Can Only Be Experienced.

Be happy for your "liberal" friends. They've been blessed not to comprehend evil yet. They're still living in the Garden of Eden. Good for them. Maybe they'll be lucky and never have to put their ideas to the test. Maybe they'll never experience what Irving Kristol talked about, what it means for a liberal to be "mugged by reality." Maybe they'll never have to look a real evil person in the eye and experience the pain they can cause.

I never understood or appreciated talk radio until encountering Los Angeles traffic. Being stuck inching on the 405 or backed up because of construction on Sepulveda Boulevard isn't that bad when a skilled host is there, perhaps interviewing a world class intellectual about his new book.

When PJ Media managing editor Aaron Hanscom and I carpool into the office (usually once a week for meetings), we try to time our commute so it overlaps with Prager's broadcast here in Los Angeles (from 9 AM to noon). One of our favorite features on the show is when Prager takes calls from progressives who air their disagreements with his "offensive" views. As we hear Prager respond to an irate caller and ask precise questions, we'll swap stories of times when we've been in similar discussions with friends and family members. We'll compare the things we've said and the incredulous or angry responses we get back. Here's an example of the kind of calls Prager takes on his show:

The discussions usually end with Aaron and me stumped as we try and think of things we could say to persuade those who have no interest in being persuaded.

Then one day while driving in to work it hit me. As we were talking and Prager played in the background, the traffic moving at a reasonable pace, I said something like: "You know maybe we should just be happy for them that life hasn't given them a kick in the ass yet. Do we really want them having the kinds of experiences we had that changed us? Do we really want them to understand the fact that there's more dangerous problems in the world threatening their well-being than 'climate change' and the right to have your contraception paid for by somebody else?"

Here's another excerpt from my debate with the history grad student (the guy who's going to be teaching your kids about America if he isn't already):