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10 Years After High School Are Millennials Finally Ready to Cash Their Reality Check?

In a strange serendipity, just a few days after the performances of the Reality Check, Prager University released its newest course, an equation to lead a happy life:

What makes us unhappy? Comparing the reality of our lives with the image of who we thought we should be or who we want to be. Failing to check the image we're worshipping with a reality that's actually much better than we realize.

We are unable to appreciate the happiness we already have. And if you have the luxury to take time out of your day to read the words written on whatever screen you're reading this post on -- you have tremendous blessings compared to the vast majority of human history. Ben Shapiro and I are among the first wave of Generation Y or the Millennials -- those born from 1982 through 1995 or so. (I propose the cutoff should be if you were old enough for 9/11 to make a meaningful impression on you. Just as the Boomer cutoff that makes sense is the JFK assassination.)

We are the most spoiled American generation in history. And that's because we were raised by (and spoiled and loved by) the Baby Boom generation, which too held the distinction at the time of being the most spoiled.

Reality Check explores these themes with the method of the last decade's best comedies. The reason why the Judd Apatow-brand of Forgetting Sarah Marshall-style films succeeds is because they combine traditional values with likable characters in universal scenarios then glue them together with raunchy jokes. The Shapiros know their pop culture well; this Boomer-Millennial writing team's reinvention of the formula combined with a collection of memorable songs and an energetic cast make for something special.

When upcoming performances of Reality Check are announced, you'll hear about them here at PJ Lifestyle.

You can start with a brand-new slate / Fresh and clean without the baggage

Make your life's adventures start today / Looking forward to the morning


You can see the reason /You should take your fist out

You are not a monkey / You are smarter cause you can


Let go the banana / You can let go the banana

You've got to know /For you to grow

You let go the banana