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Distant or Devastated (or Neither): How Did You Feel When Your Kid Left for College?

Anyway, the other type of parents mentioned in the book is too-distant parents who have lost all interest or concern for their kid now that he or she has left home and are anxious to return to the life they had before their child was born. This often leaves the student feeling alone and abandoned, according to the book, and if the parents pull their funding, it can end up with the student dropping out of school. Schools have made it really difficult, as on one hand, they treat students like kids who will always be funded by mom and dad, and on the other, they treat them like grown-ups when it suits their purpose. It's no wonder parents (and students) are often frustrated.

I suppose there is a happy medium here somewhere. If you have a comment or story about how you dealt with your child leaving home, or if your child is about to leave home, how are you coping?