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From Crackhead to Crack Shot Navy SEAL: The Amazing Story of Adam Brown

Adam Brown grew up in a loving, middle-class family and was known for his good nature and willingness to try anything once.  He was a big fan of the Charlie Sheen movie Navy SEALs and even successfully duplicated a crazy stunt from the film — jumping from the back of a moving pickup truck crossing a bridge to the lake below.

He was a ferocious, if undersized, football player who helped take his team to the state championship game; but wasn’t quite big enough to play college football.

However, the wrong — very wrong — woman diverted his life and his focus became crack cocaine.  For years, Brown lied to and stole from his parents — who often did not know of his whereabouts — to feed his drug habit.

During this time, his parents converted to Christianity and became very devout members of an evangelical church.  Eventually, their prayers were rewarded as Adam accepted Christ as his savior and began to fight his addiction.

He also met the right — very right —woman, Kelley, who married him despite the fact he was still struggling with his desire for drugs.  A family friend who was a high-ranking naval officer took a chance on Adam, who then turned his remarkable determination to the daunting task of become a SEAL.