5 Great Pieces Of R-Rated Life Advice from the Movies

4) [T]here's a million fine looking women in the world, dude. But, they don't all bring you lasagna at work. Most of 'em just cheat on you. -- Clerks

Some people claim that P.T. Barnum said, "You will never go broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.” I have a similar theory: "You will never underestimate the superficiality and shallowness of human beings."

Many people choose whom they befriend, date, mate with, and marry for the flimsiest of reasons. There are legions of men who marry women for no other real reason than because they were hot, and just as many women who marry men because they have money or power. What about kindness, thoughtfulness, attentiveness, trustworthiness, stability, acceptance, and loyalty? People put so much emphasis on surface traits that they often miss the things that really make other human beings worthwhile.