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Getting Rid of the 'Get Rid of Gays' Pastor

Besides being a freelance writer for PJ Media, I am a pastor. To be more specific, I am a conservative, evangelical, Southern Baptist pastor. We're the ones those on the Left tend to think are the grand priests of the dark side. I am passionately pro-life and support traditional marriage. I am politically conservative and believe the Bible is the inerrant Word of God. So many see Worley and myself as the same person. They might be shocked to hear that I, and those like me, am vehemently and loudly coming out against the words of the North Carolina pastor.

Worley's church is not Southern Baptist. Providence Road Baptist Church describes itself as a "fundamentalist" independent Baptist church. Churches that boast of this title usually have no denominational affiliation but are often known for being "King James only" and legalistic in their approach to Christianity. They want to see people come to Jesus, but their approach is about being anti-culture instead of trying to speak to culture. Sadly, some churches that use this approach come off as pretty hateful.

I spoke with a former Fundamentalist Baptist turned Southern Baptist pastor and he said such attitudes are often the norm in this version of Christianity. Pastor David Colvin said,

I am not surprised at all about the remark. I grew up as an Independent Fundamental Baptist. They are marked by their very ultra-conservative stand, and their bold, in your face attitude to sin and the gospel. What is said was harsh, and insulting. ... It is things like this ... that have caused me to leave the IFB altogether.

Most of the media reports on this story have featured responses from the religious Left. Their response has been that Worley is hateful and the Bible doesn't speak out against homosexuality anyway. But what about conservative Christians -- those who believe the Bible does call homosexuality a sin? We don't want to be put in the Worley camp. We have something to say as well.

Dr. Al Mohler is one of the more well known voices for Evangelicals today. He is the president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and often called on for media interviews. He even recently wrote an article for CNN on the Bible speaking out against homosexuality. However, his immediate response to Worley on Twitter and Facebook was the opposite of an amen. Mohler posted the CNN coverage of the story and responded: “Here is how to do incalculable damage to our Gospel witness. We must respond with outrage to this message.”