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Mean Girls: Why Are Women Turning Against Tina Fey?


Luckily, I've known (at a distance) and read (closely) Lynn Crosbie for decades -- we're geographical and chronological contemporaries -- so her column made far more sense to me.

She brought up Fey's recent appearance on Zach Galifianakis' too-cool-for-me trompe l'oeil talk show Between Two Ferns. (The smartest thing about it is its title.)

Crosbie relates one of Fey's remarks on the program, then the host's reply, to wit:

“That was pretty good,” Galifianakis said. “For a girl.”

The aggressive, even physically violent aspect of the talk show is all fabrication and Fey was being set up, of course, to be hilarious in the face of some received, absurd idea about women and humour.

But, quite by accident, Galifianakis’s final burn was uncomfortably astute.

Not about girls, but about Fey, who, because she is not funny, or hot any more, was “pretty good,” considering.


Ultimately, Crosbie's point is more prosaic -- and therefore, more perceptive -- than Breslaw's admirably acrobatic po-mo musings about coarseness, class, and comedy.

That is:

Tina Fey has been overexposed.