5 Behaviors That Make You Trash

2) Letting Your Brats Run Wild.

Dogs have a natural urge to impose order on other dogs that are misbehaving. If a puppy bites down on an older dog too hard or won't leave him alone, the adult dog will growl and nip at the puppy or force him on his back, not to hurt him, but to teach him some manners. Human beings have the same urges. When I'm around a bratty little kid who's running wild and making noise in a store, instinctively, there's this powerful desire to backhand him out of his shoes. Obviously, you can't get away with that these days, but a lot of people would LOVE to do it.

There's just something extraordinarily aggravating about a kid making an ass of himself and annoying other human beings right in front of his mother, who doesn't have anything to say about it. Inevitably, these are the same sort of trashy moms who end up raising a stink when their wild kids get in trouble. If your rotten brat threw chairs, hit the principal, and got so out-of-control that the police were called and your reaction is to blame the teachers and the cops, you have a problem. Don't blame them; blame yourself. You're the trash that's turning your kid into trash just like you.

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