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3 Rules for Handling the Online Trolls, Bullies, and Crackpots

#3 - Are You Being Served?

Law suits. They're what we got when we stupidly made dueling illegal.

(At least with dueling, when the shootout was over, the world was down one useless idiot...)

Along with a bunch of other Canadian bloggers -- including my husband -- I'm being sued for writing about our "Human Rights" Commissions.

There isn't a lot I can say about this for obvious reasons, so I'll let Mark Steyn tell you about it here and here.

(The video above has more.)

Encouraged by other great folks like Michelle Malkin, my blog readers have paid all our legal bills.

In the meantime, Arnie and I got married. We've been invited to Israel and Washington, D.C., and other places simply because we're now "famous" bloggers. We've made friends we'd never have met otherwise.

Our employment has been utterly unaffected. In fact, we're both busier than ever.

Because the second worse thing you can do if you get sued is let it take over and ruin your life. 

No, not everyone is as well-connected as we are. Then again, not everyone is as "controversial" as we are, either, but bloggers get sued for writing apolitical stuff, too.

If you're online, no matter how careful you are, you too could be targeted.

I still wish I'd gotten libel insurance when it was offered to me over twenty years ago. If you blog or write anything, get libel insurance. Now. It's the cost of doing business, just like your internet connection, dedicated server, and so forth.

So what's THE worst thing you can do?