Furry Friday: The Puppacita

The minute the shelter worker placed Chi-Chi (as I named her, as no Mexican dog should have an Australian name, but I wanted to stay with the same phonetic sounds) in my arms, the timid, sad pup hesitantly reached up and licked my face. I would later find out that she hardly ever kisses, so this was a very special sign. I took her home right away, with a $20 fee and $35 deposit on the spay she would need.

First stop, this being Bridget Johnson's dog, was the Juicy Couture outlet, where I bought the tiny pup a terry hoodie. Then on to PetSmart, where I had probably one of the best days ever as we walked around the store and bought her anything she wanted. The shelter had given me a ratty harness and leash, so she got to stroll around the store (and picked a bed, as you can see). A breeder shopping in the store asked me how recently she'd given birth -- it was later that the vet confirmed she'd had a couple of litters, and later that her tummy tightened up and I realized why people asked that.