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8 Reasons Why Jackie Brown Beats Pulp Fiction

2. The Film Relies on Its Gimmicky, Jump-Around-In-Time Structure.

Pulp Fiction is more an assembly of cultural products than a seamless whole. Bridget's list pointing out her favorite pieces of the puzzle reveals its nature as the successful experiment or developing artist, rather than a mature work.

And the glue that holds it all together is Tarantino's gimmick of the fractured narrative. (Nobody would be talking about Pulp Fiction today if its stories were told chronologically.) The three main stories of Pulp and its framing diner sequence cannot stand on their own. That's not the case with all films done in this style. QT friend and collaborator Robert Rodriguez's Sin City works both as a Pulp-structure film and as stand-alone stories. (Perhaps because he started with such strong source material?)

QT got lucky in how well his pieces fit together. But there was one that someone should've pushed him to rewrite in his original script...