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Finny Friday: Begone, Pet Store Betta Cups!

I went straight to the bottom of the pet store's high stack of dastardly little cups to find a spirited little guy wanting to get the hell out. I brought the half-moon blue-red betta home and, continuing political tradition, named him Recep Tayyip Finnogan.

I have the tank up on a counter near a sink for easy water changes. Recycling out spring water weekly costs about a buck a week, with a full water change less often. I put in silk plants -- gentler against his delicate fins -- in an arrangement by which he can take cover under some and sit on the leaves of others, which I see him doing now and again. He prefers the betta pellets over freeze-dried bloodworms, though I keep both around. He knows when it's feeding time for the other animals it's time to get some pellets, too.

What a friendly little guy. Comes up to the side of the tank to say "hi," and is super-curious. Definitely a recommended fish.