6 Reasons The Who Is Better Than That Stupid Band You Like

#1 - The Who Accepted an Award From President Bush and Didn't Embarrass Him or Themselves

Don't laugh: how rare was that for eight years?

They didn't grab the opportunity to make a "political statement" or send out Pocahontas to (refuse to) pick up their prize.

Instead, everybody had a nice time. Maybe even Barbra Streisand!

Roger Daltrey's official statement upon hearing that The Who would be the first rock band to ever receive a Kennedy Center Honor was unfailingly classy and gracious:

As a teenager growing up in the austerity of post war England, it was the music I heard emanating from America that gave me a dream to hang my life on. That dream was to make music and make it there. I am deeply touched at receiving this honour. The warmth and affection I feel from our US audience is humbling indeed. To be added to the list of past recipients of this award makes that dream come true.