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6 Reasons The Who Is Better Than That Stupid Band You Like

#2 - The Who Aren't Pompous Phony Blowhards

After 9/11, self-appointed poet laureates U2, Neil Young and pompous phony blowhard Bruce Springsteen clearly felt obligated to squeeze out something for the occasion.

Now, given its sheer proximity and magnitude, 9/11 demands profound artistic representation in direct disproportion to how hard that is to actually pull off.

Alas, those poet laureates didn't comprehend that. The world needed some chicken noodle soup, and these performers were damned if they were going to let anyone else bring it. Too bad the broth was cold and weak, hastily served in a chipped bowl.

Unlike these bandwagon jumpers, The Who didn’t hurriedly compose and shoot out a ham-fisted, self-conscious tune advertising their own Profound Sensitivity™ and sudden onset temporary patriotism.

They just went to New York City and played some old songs, ones that didn’t have the words “towers” and “fire” and “smoke” or “planes” hurriedly jammed into them.

Oddly enough, the folks whose opinions really counted seemed to approve: