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10 Reasons Why Pulp Fiction Is Still Cooler Than a $5 Milkshake

5. Bruce Willis' weapons selection

It's the ultimate in pawn-shop shopping: Willis can flee the trap of the hillbilly rapists, but decides to save Marsellus, the gangster who was staking out his apartment to kill him. So we see his deliberation as he looks for the perfect weapon to free his foe. Hammer? Hmm. No. Louisville slugger? Hmmm. Could work; take a bit of a test swing. Chainsaw? Hmmm. Back on the counter. But he looks up and sees the Samurai sword. And it works.

6. Jules Winnfield's wallet

I need not say more. Kind of like the scene needed little more than Jackson's inflection and a trip by the prop master to a leather embosser on Olvera Street.

7. DealerCare: The healthcare plan of your neighborhood drug peddler

Maybe the film foreshadowed healthcare of the future: on the living room rug of some messy Echo Park house, Magic Marker dot on the chest, and adrenaline shot from the fridge to the heart. Oh, and a Gap T-shirt on loaner to wear home. Nonetheless, as Ms. Piercing Pagoda put it, that scene was "trippy."