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What is the Most Boring Album of All Time?

In Jonathan Sanders' post regarding Peter Gabriel, commenter RKae stated, "That (Scratch My Back) was one of the most boring damned albums I've ever heard!" Which got me to thinking - what IS the most boring album of all time? And then I went back in time, to high school years...

You rush home from the record store. Back in the safety of your bedroom sanctuary you can barely contain the excitement as you tear the cellophane wrapper off the latest album from one of your favorite artists. You pop it on the turntable (yes, ''turntable"), the needle lowers to the wax and...  a half hour later you realize you've been ripped off for $12!

For me, the most boring album of all time is Lou Reed's Metal Machine Music.

Rock 'n' Roll Animal? Classic.

Metal Machine Music? Crap.

It didn't take a half  hour before I wished I had my money back, it only took two minutes - because the first two minutes was the same 'noise' as the next two, and the next two and the whole damned record!

Listen to the clip above, if you dare.