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Why Skipping College Was One of the Smartest Decisions of My Life

Today, we have more and more people chasing more and more worthless degrees. For those of us without either children or degrees ourselves, the spectacle resembles nothing short of a zombie movie, set during Tulipmania.

Reading Worthless was spooky at times. Like me, Clarey's been saying for years that BAs are today what high school diplomas used to be: that is, so commonplace that not having one makes no difference if you're a genius, an energetic entrepreneur, or both.

Like me, he believes too many people are being pushed into getting a degree (i.e., brainwashed in junk science and political correctness at their own expense) when they should be learning a trade or just plain left alone.

And like me, Clarey thinks lots of would-be students should use the money they're wasting on tuition as start-up capital instead.

Some will object that his tips on choosing your college major -- should you insist on going to university despite everything -- are simply common sense. Yet we all know supposedly "smart" young people from middle and upper class backgrounds (and who should therefore "know better") who nevertheless voluntarily wasted tens of thousands of dollars to go to J-school or get a bachelor's degree in women's studies and who are now back living with their parents.

(Note: Once I moved out at age 21, I never moved "back home," even after coming down with an incurable disease. In my day, all of two decades ago, living with mom and dad after age 25 at most simply wasn't done.)

Anyway, here are some of Clarey's tips on choosing your college major....