The 15 Best In Living Color Skits

4. Star Trek: The Wrath of Farrakhan: Again, Damon Wayans is spot-on, but this time he brings his Nation of Islam brothers with him to convince the crew members of the Enterprise that they're being oppressed by Capt. Kirk (Jim Carrey).

5. Jim Carrey as Vanilla Ice: I remember when this originally aired and I was crying, I was laughing so hard. Remember, we were actually living through Vanilla Ice at the time. It was a cultural cross to bear.

6. Wanda the Ugly Woman: Jamie Foxx's most enduring show character -- "I was gonna rock his world!"

7. Jim Carrey as The Environmentalist Guy: Surely we've all seen this guys in the Whole Foods parking lot; one of the funniest parts is how, down to the tie-dyed T-shirt, Environmentalist Guy has not changed in two decades. It's just that now they're all camping out at OWS protests.