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5 Myths That Will Destroy Your Marriage

4.  All men deserve abuse and women are long-suffering saints to put up with them.

If always and never are never accurate, someone should alert sitcom writers. Not all men are insensitive creeps and not all women are wiser and smarter than their husbands. Some couples feel very alone if they don't fit the stereotypical male/female role as defined by this culture. Men are always said to want sex more than women and to have brains that can only comprehend one subject at a time. This is absurd and it can make a couple feel abnormal. My husband and I never laugh at comedians who talk about marriage because we can't relate at all. Ours is just the opposite. My husband isn't insensitive or lazy or stupid. He's quite cerebral and capable of multi-tasking. I'm the one who tends to be insensitive, lazy, and scattered. I'm the one who doesn't pick up my socks. But interestingly enough, it was hearing about the opposition of relationships that made us realize...we are perfect for each other. Clearly, we were made to fill in the gaps for each other because with so many of the men in the seminar laughing and relating to the stereotypical male stuff and so many of the women relating to the stereotypical female stuff, we realized the odds of finding each other (the two people in the room who do NOT relate to any of it) are pretty astronomical. Accepting your mate as God's perfect match for you is key in coming to a new and better place in your marriage.