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Arlen Specter: a Sty in the Public Eye

Apparently, I'm the last to know about Specter's semi-secret desire to become a stand up comedian, which I first learned about last week via the comedy blog Splitsider (which declared the long-time Pennsylvania pol to be "amazing at stand up comedy").

It turns out the senator has been at this for a while, placing second in 2007's "Funniest Celebrity in Washington" Contest.

Here's his runner-up routine -- with a mild content warning (Spector works what I'd call "baby blue"):

Then there was the time he landed in trouble for telling some Polish jokes in 2008:

The "New York Post" reported that Specter began by asking if anyone in the room was Polish. At that, around 10 people raised their hands. He proceeded to tell a few jokes about Polish people until one guest interrupted him, saying, "Hey, careful. I'm Polish!" Specter responded, "That's OK, I'll tell it more slowly." This was met with grumblings of tastlessness, and Specter eventually apologized saying it was a mistake.

He also got some (more welcome) attention for a gig in Philadelphia last December, which the Atlantic Wire called "not bad."