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Why I Stopped Playing Video Games

Rushkoff in an interview about A.D.D.:

Also, I've always been interested in gaming from the perspective of the playability of the world we're living in. Most people don't seem to recognize that we're living in a constructed world, that a whole lot of the things we take for granted as the given circumstances of nature are actually very specific creations of people, of man. And they're playable. The economy can be played with, the media can be played with. These are not laws of nature written in stone. These are very virtual worlds. We're living on top of operating systems, however much they try to hide that from us. You know, central currency is an operating system. It was developed in the 1200-1300s by specific people with specific goals. Now, we go around thinking this economy is some natural thing, this economy is the way all economies work, and it's not. Even this idea of free market -- we don't live in a free market. The extent to which this market is free is the extent to which we agree to play by the rules that were set in place by the people who invented the market that we're living in right now. Gamers, it seemed to me, especially good gamers, are people who have the ability to see beneath the rules to the actual 'who wrote this game' and 'what do they want this game to actually do.' How is this game rigged, and who rigged it, and why?

From Forbes's Susannah Breslin, the freelance guru and Gen-X Big Sister to all the real life A.D.D. new media troublemakers panning for gold online:

TIP #3: Act like a child.

Or maybe it’s that when you start doing things that are really easy for you to do, you become successful. For example, my grandfather used to say, when I was a kid, that I should write Hallmark cards. In broader terms, he was talking about being a copywriter. And I make far, far more money now as a copywriter than I do at any other job I have as a professional hustler.

You know why? Because it’s really easy for me to be a really good copywriter. It’s so easy, it’s laughable. At the same time, writing blog posts, finishing novels, and generating traffic for sites populated with content I did not create is harder.

I read some advice recently that said you should remember whatever you did when you were a kid, and do that when you’re a grownup. Because, more often than not, that thing, for you, is play. And play is when you have the most fun.

Imagine if you could get paid to play.