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7 Ways Wildly Successful People Screw Up Their Lives

6) Jim Bakker: Break the Law.

A wildly successful televangelist, Jim Bakker's ministry earned a devoted audience and he accumulated a surprisingly large fortune for a preacher. Over time, Bakker's show managed to reach 12 million people a week and he even built Heritage USA, one of the most successful theme parks in America. However, Bakker's success didn't last. He had sex outside of marriage with Jessica Hahn and may have even drugged and raped her, depending on whom you believe. He also kept two sets of books and eventually served time in prison for mail and wire fraud.

The truth is that you can sometimes get away with doing the wrong thing. You can cheat on your wife, embezzle money, take drugs, drink yourself to sleep every night, etc., etc. People do it all the time. This leads people to believe that if they get away with it once, they always will. That's often not so and when the things people do in the dark emerge into the light it can shatter their lives. Even before that, they have to live with the gnawing worry that someone will find out what they're doing. Wouldn't it be better to just do the right thing in the first place?