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7 Mistakes Women Make with Men

2) Hit below the belt.

Men and women have very different gender-related soft spots and if you're going to hit one of them, it's wise to be VERY careful. Now with men, if you study cultures around the world, contrary to what you hear about gender being a "social construct," you'll find that "masculinity" revolves around the same basic traits everywhere. Yes, they may express themselves a little differently here and there, but the themes are universal:

A) Being productive or having a lot of resources

B) Being capable of fighting

C) Being courageous and tough

D) Being able to attract women

E) Having status

Whether you're talking about Americans, Afghan tribesmen, Aborigines, or the Chinese, males measure themselves as men against these basic standards.

So, if a woman rips on a guy for not having money, being a wimp, being a coward, not being able to get women or please her in bed, or if she suggests he's a nobody -- expect it to be a BIG HAIRY DEAL. It's the equivalent of telling a woman that she's a hideously ugly whore who's a terrible mother to her children. If you do have to bring up this stuff, you need to handle it with the sensitivity of a surgeon removing a blockage from his wife's heart.