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5 Problems with Gen-X Attachment Parenting

4.The High Security Techno-Stressers

The future is now. There is a gadget for everything, and Gen X moms are first in line to buy the latest must-have. Mommy anxiety creates a target-rich environment for big ticket items no one really needs. As if having a baby isn't stressful enough, check out this sell-technique for a product that will alert you to every movement your baby makes in her sleep. This is supposed to prevent SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome).

With its movement sensor pad, sound transmitter, sound lights, and movement detecting "ticking" sound, The Angelcare Movement Sensor with Sound Monitor can take away virtually all this anxiety.

No it won't. It will increase your anxiety by at least 10. The same goes for video monitors. I know people who have these things and while they are wonderful mothers they're driving themselves crazy.

We must ask ourselves, how did we survive when our mothers were putting us to sleep on our faces with no baby monitors and five blankets?* How did we survive riding un-belted in cars and being thrown around in the backs of woody-wagons on cross-country trips?* It is important to keep perspective and try to relax more. Anxiety will rub off on your young.

Let go of some of those things that just aren't necessary and add to your stress. I stopped using sound monitors in the house entirely. I don't want to hear my baby unless she's truly in distress. It's just too tempting to go in for every little peep or gurgle. Unless you live in a giant house most crying babies scream loud enough without the help of monitors.

There's nothing wrong with these products and if it works for you then great, but if you find yourself increasingly nervous or anxiety-ridden try scaling back on the newfangled gizmos. You can still be a loving and attached parent without bugging your baby's room.

*Not recommended...I'm just sayin'.

Next...If you've started any fights with a referee, you might need therapy.