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The Art of Ignoring: How to Escape What Doesn't Matter

I've found that ignoring comments can be just as useful personally as it is professionally.

For example, most of the people reading this article are probably on Facebook or Twitter. Do you feel compelled to respond to obnoxious people? What about the people who keep signing you up for groups you're not interested in? How about the ass that keeps posting the same tedious comments every time you write something? Know what? I just block those people and ten minutes later I've forgotten they ever existed.

Ever had a friend, relative, or significant other who knows all of your soft points? So, maybe things are getting a little tense and she makes a comment about your weight, your family, that time you forgot her birthday and then, inevitably, it starts a twenty minute fight? Here's a suggestion: the next time that happens, just ignore it and immediately move on to a completely unrelated conversation topic. Here's an example of how that can work.

Girlfriend: How can you say that? You sound just like your father!

Boyfriend: (Short pause) You know, you have pretty eyes.

Girlfriend: What?

Boyfriend: Pretty eyes. You have them. Your hair looks nice tonight, too.

Girlfriend: Really? (slightly sarcastic)

Boyfriend: Yeah, you're just gorgeous. Come on, let's go or we're going to be late for dinner.

Girlfriend: Okay, let's go.

On most topics, you'll find it makes a lot more sense to try to change a woman's mood than to try to change her mind. That's why this tactic tends to work particularly well with women. They get a little emotional, they say something they really don't mean, and it can either create a 20 minute long fight or you can just recognize what's happening and strategically ignore your way around it.