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Contraception: The Good, the Bad and the Flaccid

Birth control pills generally cost less than fifty dollars per month.  You can get condoms for the price of a cup of coffee.  If you frequent some really interesting truck stops one can pick up the sort of condoms that look like they were made for that thing from Alien for a few quarters.  If somebody can be expected to pay for other optional, recreational devices and services, such as cell phones and cable television, they can cover the cost of their own birth control.  Those who can’t afford to pay for birth control simply shouldn't have sex.  For some reason nobody wants to even mention that as an option.  Let’s just call that free, unsubsidized birth control.

Like any topic that comes out of the Obama administration, the contraception issue isn’t really about contraception.  The contraception issue is just a puppet show.  So while Obama plays an urban Sherry Lewis; putting the words in the mouth of Kathleen “Lamb Chop” Sebelius, nobody is talking about gas prices, the economy, or the real unemployment rate (not the doctored numbers that pour forth from the regime).  The real game here is about his re-election.

 The Obama administration and their surrogates are trying to invent a political issue from the pop culture dust.  What they have done is raise a completely irrational topic, such as suggesting that there are people out there who want to ban all contraception.  They ascribe this ridiculous position to the Republicans (none of whom have ever said they wanted to end a woman’s right to safely boink).  Lastly, they get their allies in the media to echo this position until hopefully everyone believes that conservatives want all women to be barefoot and pregnant.  It is no simpler than that.  There is more credibility to the statement that Obama hates white people than there is to the idea that Republicans want to end birth control.  Don’t get fooled by this obvious bit of tom foolery.