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5 Reasons Why I Can't Wait For Skyfall, The New James Bond Movie

4. We’ll Get To See A New Level Of Creativity (Thanks To Studio Budget Cuts).

Blame it on the current terrible economy, but Skyfall is the victim of studio budget-cutting. The cuts affect location filming.

Virgin Media reports:

The forthcoming 23rd instalment [sic] of the franchise - starring Daniel Craig, Javier Bardem and Dame Judi Dench - was expected to shoot in locations across the globe including Bali and China, but budget cuts means Turkey is now the only other country the movie will go to.

A source told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "Six different countries were selected but after several technical and financial problems, it was decided to scale back and just use Turkey as the sole foreign location."

British beaches will be used - including Bognor Regis on the south coast - in addition to Pinewood Studios.

The source added: "As well as Pinewood's incredible facilities, the UK has some stunning beaches, particularly along the south coast near Bognor and parts of Wales."

Of course what this really means is that Mendes has to use his creative powers to their fullest. I'm anxious to see how he’ll capture the same exotic fancy of other Bond movies with limited location filming. I have no doubt that the finished product will be worth seeing.

3. Skyfall Boasts A Prestigious Supporting Cast.

Though they've never exactly been highbrow fare, the James Bond movies have attracted a certain amount of prestigious talent. Theatre star Lotte Lenya was one of the first acclaimed actors to appear in a Bond film when she played Rosa Klebb in From Russia With Love. Since then, many award-winning stars have gone toe to toe with 007.

Oscar winners like Christopher Walken and Halle Berry have gone on to star in a James Bond picture after winning their Academy Awards, and Dame Judi Dench (pictured) has been one of Britian’s most loved actresses for years, winning an Oscar after signing on to the 007 franchise.

Skyfall may boast the most star-studded cast yet. In addition to Dench, Oscar winning actor Javier Bardem has signed on, and longtime critical darlings Ralph Fiennes and Albert Finney co-star in the film as well. Two-time Academy Award winner Maggie Smith may also take part, though at this time her participation is merely a rumor. Obviously, a cast like this one, along with an Oscar-winning director in Mendes, adds to Skyfall’s class quotient.