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Hey Lady Gaga, Kids Have a Time-Tested Answer for Bullies: Punch Them in the Mouth

Moreover, what does occur if you tell a teacher? The bully gets called into the principal's office and he's told not to bully you. Then you're in exactly the same situation you were in before, but now the bully is really angry at you because you ratted him out. Now he's really interested in getting a piece of you and there are dozens of little ways he can intimidate you. He can threaten you, he can pretend like he's going to hit you, he can say mean things about you on Facebook, he can stare at you with a menacing glare -- and keep in mind that this is someone you're already afraid to deal with. What are you going to do? Go back to the principal and tell him the bully was looking at you funny? Give me a break. Additionally, you have to keep in mind that schools are extremely reluctant to expel students. So unless a bully goes completely over the top and brings a gun to school or knifes somebody, he's probably not going to get kicked out. That means you're going to see him almost every day, all year long.

So, what do you do? Call Lady Gaga? Lobby Harry Reid to make bullying illegal? No, of course not. There's actually a time-tested, extremely effective way to deal with bullies that has worked for thousands of years.

It's called punching them in the mouth.