Men Living Longer: Women and Minorities Hardest Hit?

Another paragon of compassion, Susan Jacoby, author of Never Say Die: The Myth and Marketing of the New Old Age seems to think men's sole purpose in life is to care for women. The man's death is a "price to be be paid by a woman." His life is not important in and of itself. Only women seem to have that autonomy. She says, "When a husband dies, the price for women -- and society -- is both economic and emotional. Women will likely face their closing, sickest years without a partner to help care for them. That’s one reason nursing home residents are overwhelmingly female." Note no mention of the huge cost to keep women in nursing homes. Most older men are dead. I guess this is better in her mind.

As they say, living well is the best revenge. If I were male, I would strive to live as long as I could and collect as much of the Social Security benefits and other entitlements as possible. After all, men in the past have been putting into the system for years only to die and give their benefits up--usually to older women. Now perhaps the tables are turning and more men will be collecting. It's only fair.