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The Inadequate Political Magick of Herman Cain, Rick Perry, and Mitt Romney

Rick Perry, Barbarian Warlord of the Booming Texas Desert

  • Political Authenticity
  • Political Literacy
  • Political Competence

Rick Perry's Political Authenticity is not in doubt. When he says,

I’ll work every day to make Washington, D.C. as inconsequential in your life as I can.

Then I believe him. His credibility as the inspirational Texas leader -- whose policies protected his state while the global economy collapsed under socialism's weight -- is still just as golden as when he inspired so many when he first emerged in the race.

His Political Literacy is also on full display. Perry is not the longest-serving governor of Texas because he got lucky. The man's a skilled politician who can connect with voters and hit the right political notes.

But being able to charm the voter and project a genuine spirit when communicating on his own terms is not enough to win a political war. It's one thing to have the strength to deliver a devastating blow. It's another to have the intelligence to land it.

What earns Perry his Barbarian archetype is the sloppiness and incompetence of his political attacks. Just take a look at this pathetic display. This "you hired illegals!" is a clumsy cudgel that splinters in Perry's hand:

We are supposed to believe that this man will triumph in the upcoming political war with Team Soros-Obama-Podesta-Van Jones-Huffington-Brock? This is what they're doing over at Media Matters and the Center for American Progress as they see Perry's punchdrunk bumbling:

Perry might make for a fine President and he may be a decent man, but can his campaign overcome skilled challengers?

I'm not opposed to this style of campaign. If Perry is rough and sloppy and undisciplined then those might be acceptable trade-offs if he is sufficiently aggressive and willing to hit hard. In a battle with Obama it's alright for Perry to miss a few hits as long as he's throwing enough out there. With a Perry candidacy we don't have to worry about having a wimp, unwilling to engage in brutal political combat. That remains a potential liability with Romney.

Finally: The big question mark: the effectiveness of Free Market magick channeled into the Permanent Political War.