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And The Most Evil Show on Television Is...

Reason #1: Creepy, Spooky People

The cast of characters of every episode of T/T is bursting at the seams with disturbed, dysfunctional folks. Nope, not just the parents (more on THEM ahead). Someone has to produce these contests, judge them, emcee them. So consider the emcee of the Halloween Bash beauty pageant, one Todd James. Or as he prefers to be called, Mr. Todd.

Mr. Todd had numerous costume changes during the Halloween Bash, and clearly enjoys performing every bit as much as the little competitors.

Other episodes have introduced us to pageant judges ranging from matronly botoxed types to adolescent-looking boys (what the heck?) to this guy:

How exactly does one qualify to judge kiddie beauty pageants? I don’t know. But the pageant producers have tapped into a real moneymaker – pageant parents spend thousands of dollars to participate, some of which goes to entry fees; the prizes are generally along the lines of cheap and gaudy crowns. What a racket.

By the way, can a child contestant be creepy, too? Why… YES.