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Wrong Turn on the Way to Circus Spawned Wall Street Occupation

Since that first interview, people have just spontaneously risen up and headed to Wall Street, including people who aren’t “organizers” -- they're just really organized. Big labor unions, including the government union SEIU, have thrown in their massive and taxpayer funded support for their anti-taxpayer agenda. A rep from SEIU, Oren Sugarland, commented yesterday down at the protest, “We think people would approve of our message of tearing down Wall Street. Because wouldn’t they all rather be employed by the government? Hell yeah they would! Benefits up the wazoo! Retirement? BAM! Paid for.  Health care? BAM! You got it. Job security where you don’t have to work very hard? Done! All you got to do is sign away your life to us. I mean, sign up!”

As the protests grow and become organized, not-organizers are trying to control the message. As rumors of George Soros’ involvement spread, non-organizing organized insiders insist, “All of this has just sprung up from the interconnected consciousness of the dregs of society, I mean, the unemployed public. It is slanderous to say otherwise. It is not impossible to create a website, maps, Twitter account, buy loads of supplies, recruit medical staff, and rally thousands of people in a few days.”

John and his gaggle confirm that they “didn’t think this protest up themselves as individuals.” John’s friend Jenny Morgan said, “It’s from the collective consciousness, you know, where we are all interconnected (unless you are from Wall Street, then your connection has become broken)…what was I saying? Oh, yeah, because a sign just materialized in my hands saying Kill the Greedy Wall Street Workers, and food has just magically appeared, and I am feeling so much love right now." Gushed Jenny: "It’s a beautiful thing. It was our destiny to come here which is why we got lost. This is a much better circus than the circus we were going to.”


Disclaimer: This is satire. All interviews, speculations, quotes, and exclamations were obtained in the 4th dimension, in the world of what might have been. It is not to be regarded as a reflection of what any actual, 1st dimension, i.e., reality right now, people or persons said in real life, for real. In other words, it’s all fake.

Sunny is a political satirist whose videos have been getting a lot of attention in the blogosphere. Find out more about Sunny by checking out her blog, House of Sunny. And enjoy her most recent Youtube hit here:

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