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Wrong Turn on the Way to Circus Spawned Wall Street Occupation

John Stringer is a 24 year old from Philadelphia. He and a gaggle of friends were attempting to navigate their way to the circus without the use of any GPS, because they shun all man-made goods, so they took the train for a while, then a car, then hired a taxi, and somewhere along the line took at least one wrong turn. “We were trying to go to the circus, because…well, because it’s fun! And because, maybe they’d give us jobs, because, like, no one else will. And we, like, we have tattoos and s**t, and like, our clothes aren’t from Brooks Brothers, so no one will hire us to do normal s**t. But f**k it, we don’t want to do normal s**t anyway! We’re like snowflakes. We are all unique. The circus appreciates that, but like, now, we’re getting fed so we’ll stay here and hold up some signs until they run out of food to give us. Maybe we can stay here all year. This is so cool, man.”

According to John and his friends, when they arrived they weren’t sure just what to do or how to backtrack and go to the circus. So they started doing tai chi in the park and then several TV news crews showed up because, hey, that’s weird. As John tells it, it was a reporter who put the protest idea in their head in the first place, asking, “ So are you guys here because of corporate greed and anger at Wall Street for your joblessness?” “Hell, yeah!” was their answer.