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Video: 'So, A Deer Walks into a Cell Phone Store....'

No matter what business you work in, a certain percentage of your customers are bound to be animals:

Monday was not a typical day for Kunjan Patel and his co-workers at the Sprint wireless store in the Gateway Shopping Center on Swedesford Road [in Wayne, Pennsylvania].

That's because a deer walked into the store. That's not a joke, but by Tuesday afternoon Patel and his associates were taking a light-hearted view of the whole thing. (Nobody in the store was hurt and the deer fled the store, appearing unhurt except for a small trail of blood left behind after the animal cut itself while smashing the bathroom sink... but let's not get ahead of ourselves).

Patel says he saw the deer coming into the store and after a moment to process what he was actually seeing, he grabbed his cell phone. "It's a new Samsung Epic 4G phone.  I had it in my pocket, pulled it out, very convenient shot it in 1080p HD video. It came out perfect!"

"The buck stops here:"