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The 7 Most Annoying People on Social Networking Sites

6) I Just Tweeted To Say I Hate You.

It's no shocker that people don't see eye to eye, but it's hard to understand why they would follow someone on Twitter who they vehemently disagree with on every issue just so they can show up over and over again to note their disagreement until they're blocked. They're like a cuckoo clock that pops out every hour to scream, "I just had to let you know you're so wrong!" What in the world is that supposed to accomplish other than briefly annoying another human being?

5) Hey, Stranger, Can You Buy A Plane Ticket To Get To My Meeting?

If you're having a Tea Party in Pig Lick, Arkansas, or you're going to be in a play in Snooty Junction, Illinois, and you want to invite your Facebook friends, that's fine. But how about taking 5 minutes to group all of your local friends into one list so you're not needlessly bothering people you barely know who live 1500 miles away?