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Totally Megan McKane: My Review of Known and Unknown

I am pretty sure I read somewhere that the people who wrote the book were bragging that if you bought, the eBook, you could click on the footnotes and they would actually take you to the supposed “original source documents.” Firstly of all, I am a young person and therefore I applause Mr. Rumsfeld for making the effort to reach out to young people with an eBook. However, when, I tried the footnotes thing I found, that it only made the book EVEN LONGER. This is not the kind of forward-driving thinking that will lead the Republicans party back to victory. MY book contained absolutely no footnotes or citations to anything at all, and the young people, were loving it.

One another thing I really didn’t like about it, Known and Unknown, was that there were not enough, you know, commas, to make it sound in my head like, the way that it sounds when you talk it? So that was a negative mark on the book in that regard, specifically. Also, I noticed that there was very little in the book about tattoos or having boobs. And I would know, I have tattoos and boobs, much to the unlike of old republicans like Rumsfeld or Cheney or Ezra Klein. Which is why it’s probably not talked about much in this book. Because it’s by one of those three. Also, what is up with the title? It is very confusing. How did Rumsfeld put things in the book that he didn’t know?

I mean, the book has some pictures, which I having to say, is not really a good thing. First of all, they are black and white? Does Rumsfeld know that people like to look at color now? And B), the clothes people are wearing are horrible. No self-respecting young person, of which I am, one, would let themselves be photographed wearing the boots in photograph 62 – hello? The young people wear UGGS, Mr. Rumsfeld. I am sure if you, look hard enough, you can find some desert combat boots made by a respectable manufacturer that, also would have been being fashionable instead of embarrassing. And, in all the pictures from before, like, 1980, everyone is wearing glasses. Hello, people, contacts are almost always the right choice.