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President Obama, After Reading AttackWatch.com Submissions, Realizes He Actually Does Suck

It remains to be seen what sort of president will emerge from the re-programming. Will we get another speech saying that we should tax the wealthy and spend it on construction jobs or will we get a decidedly different, humbled president, who looks back on his first few years in office with a shudder? No one can yet say.

When asked to comment on these developments, Republican front-runner Rick Perry said glibly, “I would never, ever allow all the solid arguments against my ideas and actions to be put in one place where anyone, including, or dare I say especially, me, could see them. That he did allow that just shows how Obama is not fit to lead this country. What a dummy!”


Disclaimer: This is satire. All interviews, speculations, quotes, and exclamations were obtained in the 4th dimension, in the world of what might have been. It is not to be regarded as a reflection of what any actual, 1st dimension, i.e., reality right now, people or persons said in real life, for real. In other words, it's all fake.

Sunny is a political satirist whose videos have been getting a lot of attention in the blogosphere. Find out more about Sunny by checking out her blog, House of Sunny. And enjoy her most recent Youtube hit here: