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Not the Sign You Want to See in Front of Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland

But a bigger surprise was the first ride of the morning. April and I knew that the Haunted Mansion had gone through a Nightmare Before Christmasfication. However we were stunned to learn that Space Mountain had also been transformed. After grabbing our Fast Passes for Star Tours (at Disneyland they have kiosks where you can get tickets which allow you to reserve a spot for later and cut hour+ waits down to 10 minutes) we headed to Space Mountain:

The actual physical movements of the ride remain unchanged but the experience is now completely different. In its normal mode Space Mountain is an upbeat, futuristic thrill ride. The experience is meant to to stimulate a fun, non-threatening flight through the cosmos. However, for Halloween the indoor roller coaster becomes much more menacing: the red, electrical spooky creature above chases and grabs at the riders. It's still worth doing and is no better or worse than the original ride. Rather, the difference between the two is a bit like the Cheeseburger vs the Bacon Cheeseburger. The addition of bacon just creates a whole different experience that really isn't comparable to the non-bacon original. However, as a matter of preference, given the choice I'd probably usually go with the more familiar, cheeseburger (though really I should just get the fruit and yogurt parfait.) So too here with traditional Space Mountain vs Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy.

Next: Does Jack Skellington's assault on the Haunted Mansion deliver?