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Overindulgent Parenting: How We Raise an Entitlement Generation

Children haven’t changed over the last millennia. They still come to us naked, toothless, and hungry with a few other very basic needs. Not the least of which is nutritious food and a full night’s sleep. Fail to enforce these two and you’ve got a whole new set of issues that range from real medical problems to a severely distorted perception of entitlement.

A child that feels he is entitled to stay up and play games to all hours of the night is no worse than the adult that drags a tired, screaming toddler shopping in the middle of the night. Both are self-indulgent.

Every generation has their share of headaches they have to deal with. Parents today have to raise their children in a very different world than previous generations. The perils seem to be endless at times. There is little we can do to eradicate from the world child predators, violence, gangs or drugs. But we can give our children a solid foundation to stand on.

Some of the simplest things in life can bring the most joy. A child tucked in bed with a story read aloud may sound like a quaint, old-fashioned ideal. But it is his chance to meet heroes of old, visit exotic places, and soar with eagles.

When you can do all that and have a good night sleep, why go to Wal-Mart?