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Is Falling Skies going to go all PC on us?

The death of Harris is an excellent sign. Any series that kills off major characters a couple of weeks in promises bigger and better surprises later. As Stephen King once responded to the question, "How would you summarize your novels?" -- "Everybody dies," said the author -- the less secure the audience feels about characters they care about, the more entertaining the shows.

But the problem is Anne. It appears there is a possibility that Anne will attempt to form an alien-human bond of some kind. Maybe we're just misunderestimating each other. Maybe we look as bad to the aliens as they do to us. Maybe we're just not on the same communications wavelength and with a little effort, we could be great friends.

The "lesson?" Just because we look different doesn't mean we aren't all the same underneath. True, Ann eventually killed the Skitter with her bare hands (the creatures have a weak spot on the roof of their mouths). But this is Ted Turner's network, and Noah Wylie is a madcap uber-liberal (as is Moon Bloodgood and Producer Steven Spielberg). I just got a sinking feeling that PC was going to rear its ugly head at some point in the future when I saw Anne ego-stroking the Skitter.

It wouldn't be the first time that a first class series TV show ruined its run by immersing itself in politically correct dogma. Even Jack Bauer was not immune to the siren call of PC nonsense. So it wouldn't be surprising if Fallen Skies fell into an open pit of left wing lunacy and multicultural -- dare I say -- universal platitudes and plot lines.

I hope I'm wrong.