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15 Summer Hits We Can't Forget

There are several things that help define summer: kids in camp, cookouts, beach days, road trips, pool parties, fireworks, ice cream, midday naps after too much sun, and running through sprinklers, to name a few. But the one through-line when it comes to summer fun is undeniably the music that accompanies it. What's a road trip without a great playlist? What's a party without some tunes?

If you think back to epic summers in your past, you will most likely have a song attached to those memories. Here's a look back at some of the best summer songs throughout the years. Which songs have defined your summers? Let us know in the comments!

Yakety Yak — The Coasters

Let's take it way back to begin. A popular summer song from the 1950s was none other than "Yakety Yak" by The Coasters. You might know this doo-wop song from the movie Stand by Me, but it was pretty popular back in the day.

Sh-Boom — The Crew Cuts

You might immediately recall a scene from Clue when you hear this song, but it was actually a #1 hit in 1954. It seems so mellow when compared to some of the bass-heavy music found on the radio today.

The Twist — Chubby Checker

It seems crazy that this timeless hit was released almost 60 years ago. Wherever it is played, even to this day, you're bound to find someone twisting their legs a little to the beat. It's impossible not to.

Loco-motion — Little Eva

Speaking of catchy dances, this song was huge back in the summer of 1962 when it was released.

I Get Around — The Beach Boys

We would be remiss not to include a Beach Boys song on this list. While a lot of their music tends to sound the same after a while, it is undeniable that their tunes conjure up images of summer and beach fun in an instant.