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13 Reasons February Is the WORST Month of the Year

It's officially February, which means that it's (un)officially the worst month of the year. In addition to the fact that we're coming down from the high of three straight months of holidays and celebrations, there are so many things wrong with February that we would just like to crawl into a ball until the ground begins to thaw. Bears, skunks, groundhogs, and insects have this thing figured out with their cold-weather hibernation schedule. It might be worth looking into, considering how many things truly stink about this month:

13. Cold

(Getty Images)

It's cold, and it's nowhere near done being cold. When the cool weather starts to hit at the end of the fall, everyone sort of gets excited for a few minutes: it's no longer humid or hot, and it's time to break out the adorable cold weather clothes! But by February, we've already worn everything several times over, and there's nothing cute about the eight layers that we need to stay warm, especially during any polar vortexes that might emerge.

12. Shortened month

(Getty Images)

You might think that February being a short month is a good thing, but it's not. That's two to three fewer days to gather the money for that March 1 rent or mortgage payment. For some people, that's no issue, but for those who live paycheck to paycheck, it can be a little stressful.

11. Our poor leap-year baby friends

(Getty Images)

We all know at least one person who misses their birthday entirely for three years in a row. And then when it finally is a leap year, they announce to the world that this year they're turning 9! Or 12! Or whatever number multiplied by 4 that they might be that year. Yes, leap years make sense to keep the calendar correct, but they're annoying.

10. Flu Season

(Getty Images)

Right about now is when everyone you know (and all the kids in your children's classes) are being diagnosed with the flu. Speaking of hibernation, it might not be such a bad idea as a way to stay healthy and free from deadly flu germs that are flying around and lurking on every door handle and keyboard. Blech.

9. All that comfort food eating is catching up

(Getty Images)

We ate our way through the holidays, and now that we have nothing to do but sit home and keep warm, we're eating our way through the rest of the winter. Best not to catch a glimpse of yourself in that mirror as you walk by it. It's only going to depress you.