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10 WORST Summer Blockbusters Over the Years

Last week we had some fun reminiscing about a few pretty awesome summer blockbusters that we have had the privilege to watch over the years. This week we're going to take a look back at some of the worst.

When a promising trailer comes out, it can be so exciting to buy that ticket and popcorn, and cool off in a dark theater, hoping to be thoroughly entertained. But sadly, more often than not, that doesn't happen. Bad blockbusters are almost worse than bad regular films. They cost such an incredible amount of money to make and create such a hype that the let-down is that much worse. Let us know if you agree that the movies below were pretty awful...

10. Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace — 1999

This was arguably the worst of all the Star Wars movies. Instead of incredible, non-stop action sequences, we got a lot of boring details about the Senate. We didn't come to the movies to watch intergalactic CSPAN. And someone needed to put us out of our misery and do away with Jar Jar Binks from the second he appeared on the screen.

9. Waterworld — 1995

This movie, which cost $175 million to make, was directed and produced by lead actor Kevin Costner. It went insanely over budget during production and was riddled with fights and drama on set. (The original director, Kevin Reynolds, left during post-production.) It took place entirely on water (in reality, not just on-screen) and it was brutal. Plus, unsurprisingly, it lost a ton of money since it was a flop at the box office.

8. Pearl Harbor — 2001

This film felt like it was NEVER GOING TO END. And it wasn't really about Pearl Harbor or the war either. This war movie was a bad love story that happened to take place at the time of the Pearl Harbor attacks. While we like Ben Affleck some of the time (Good Will Hunting, Argo, Gone Girl), he was painful to watch in Pearl Harbor (like in Gigli, Batman v Spiderman, and Jersey Girl.)

7. Sex and the City 2 — 2010

Everything that made the Sex and the City series great was just shattered to pieces and stomped on by a pair of Louboutin shoes. We had always loved to watch Carrie, who barely made ends meet as a writer, navigate the dating world in New York City and scrounge together her paychecks to buy a pair of shoes that she just had to have. In this movie, we don't care anymore since she's engaged to Big, and she and the other ladies do nothing but flaunt designer labels one after the other for two hours. Let's not forget the terrible dialogue. Please don't ever make us sit through another SATC sequel again, SJP.