The 10 Worst Movie Remakes of All Time

Movie remakes are a dime a dozen these days. Every so often a compelling, original story sneaks through the cracks, but for the most part, it seems that Hollywood has gotten a bit lazy and prefers to remake old classics over and over again. Why think up a new storyline when you can just recycle something that you know worked once before?

The problem, though, is that making a successful movie is a bit like making a magic potion. It takes the perfect balance of several different components — along with a fair bit of luck — for it to come out just right. Of course you need a solid story, a well-written script, a competent director, and producers who know when to step in and when to let go of creative control. A good budget is important, but not always essential. A perfect storm of talented actors and good chemistry is vital. Plus you need to factor in the climate of the times: Is the audience ready for this movie? Is this film building on films that came before it?

When a movie is released and is well-received by the public and critics alike, it can feel like a miracle to the production team. But thinking that you can just take that same concept and redo it with flashy new stars and a boatload of money does not mean that you will recreate a masterpiece. In most cases, you will end up with a flop that looked like it was trying too hard.

While some of the films below have some redeeming qualities, they are not sufficient to keep them off the list of the Worst Movie Remakes of All Time. See if you agree!

10. Miracle on 34th Street (1947, 1994)

Ok, Richard Attenborough definitely holds his own as Santa Claus, and Elizabeth Perkins and Dylan McDermott are convincing. But the 1994 version of this film lacks a certain innocent sweetness that was present in the original. That moment when Edmund Gwenn's Kris Kringle sings with the little Dutch orphan girl practically makes the whole film.

9. Ghostbusters (1984, 2016)

In a vacuum, the remake of Ghostbusters isn't half bad. The problem is that the original is so iconic, and still so fresh on everyone's mind, that the remake didn't have a standing chance. You can't take a movie that people still watch and love and hope that they'll embrace a newer, shiny version.