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10 Songs That Turn 40 This Year... and Still Make Us Sing Along

Forty short years ago we were deep in disco. The era was defined not only by the music, but by the unbeatable outfits (hello skin-tight body suits with sequins!), Afros galore, and tons of platform shoes. While songs from the '70s seem like forever ago, you probably remember them as if they were released yesterday. Below are ten pretty great songs that hit the airwaves in 1978, and we still can't get enough.

10. Three Times a Lady - The Commodores

There's not much better than Lionel Richie playing the piano in a sparkly outfit, singing this love song. Songs as simple and lovely as this are not produced anymore, so for that reason alone we have to take our hats off to the Commodores.

9. I Will Survive - Gloria Gaynor

Gaynor's catchy hit has been an anthem across the country for wronged women for 40 years now. Even if you haven't been heartbroken and never had to sing this song into an ex's voicemail (I swear that I have never done this), chances are you still know all the lyrics and feel happy for the singer who now has all her love to give to someone new.

8. Night Fever - Bee Gees

It is difficult to hear this song without imagining John Travolta strutting his stuff in Saturday Night Fever. But the truth is that this Bee Gees song is so well done that you can't not do your own little disco dance whenever you hear it.