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10 Songs From the '90s That We Still Love To Hear

How can I tell I'm getting old? My go-to music choices don't even come close to popular music currently topping the charts. When I drive my son to preschool, I proudly blast the classic rock station -- which now plays music from the 1990s. If listening to the likes of Pearl Jam and U2 makes me an old fogey? I can deal with that.

Perhaps this is something my parents would have argued a few decades ago, but I firmly believe that there is a good amount of music from the '90s that was so solid it will never be outdated. And I can't say that for much of what I hear on popular radio stations today.

If not for anything but a bit of nostalgia, let's take a look at the top songs from the '90s that still hold their own, shall we?

10. "Stay (I Missed You)" -- Lisa Loeb & Nine Stories

Ok, ok, I might get some pushback here. As a teenage girl in the '90s, this song spoke to me. Plus, everyone fell in love with Lisa Loeb's cat eye glasses. But beyond that, this was on the Reality Bites soundtrack -- a film that encompassed the grunge era, and introduced Ben Stiller to the world. I will argue that this song is important for that reason alone.